Reflow Clothes Iron

Similar to a reflow-oven, the clothes iron is controlled to follow a reflow soldering profile which makes it easy to solder and desolder surface mounted components (SMT) on a PCB.

Orientation Game

The game is simple: a random orientation is set in the device, and the user has to locate it by feeling the vibrations of the device. The faster it vibrates, the closer one is to the goal. This game includes both a single player and multiplayer version.

MQP: Firefighting Robot

Firefighters can become disoriented or lost when engaging in interior attacks on structural fires in compartmentalized buildings. This project uses robotics to provide a real-time heat map of a buildings complex, unpredictable layout to prevent the risk of injury or death.

Electronic Level Tool

Using an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), an ATTiny85 Microcontroller and an LCD, a PCB will be designed, built and assembled to create an electronic leveling tool. The cover will be designed in SolidWorks and will be 3D printed.

Rana Scheduler

The Rana Scheduler Application was created using the Amazon Web Service API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS S3 and AWS RDS where the BackEnd was handled in Python and the FrontEnd in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Klotski Application Project

The Klotski puzzle is a sliding block puzzle. Using an Entity-Boundary-Controller (EBC) model, a Klotski Puzzle was created using Java Object Oriented design and Test driven development. To download and play the game, Java must be installed on your system

Quacopter and Hook CAD

Using SolidWorks, I designed a Quadcopter with a Hook mechanism that is intended to be able to transport small items from one place to another. In this project, I created more than 6 different parts, and used 2 subassemblies to create the final assembly. The report includes a video of the assembly explosions and their motion studies.

Moving Block, Wave Generation and Simulation with FPGAs

Designed and implemented a DAC SPI interface with a shift register and state machine to create a sine, triangle and sawtooth waveform with a frequency of 6.25KHz. The VGA monitor was programmed to display a green block controlled via 4 push-buttons where the position of the block was then displayed in a seven segment display.

Light Sensor and VGA Monitor Display with FPGAs

Using Verilog and a Basys3 Board, designed and implemented an SPI interface using several counters and a shift register to read 8-bits of information from an ambient light sensor module. The VGA monitor was programmed to display a series of different patterns including solid colors, stripes, and blocks of certain sizes using switches.

Thermistor Controlled LED Blinker PCB

Using a schematic capture tool and PCB Layout tool, I designed, built and assembled a functioning Thermistor Controlled LED blinker PCB using a 555 Timer.

Robotic Autonomous Navigation

With the increasing demand of autonomous vehicular systems, navigation has become one of the most important field in robotics. With a focus on navigation, position estimation and mapping, the function of this project is to help in further understanding the ROS (Robot Operating System) structure and implement: Forward and inverse robot kinematics, Path planning algorithms, Noise filtering, And SLAM

Gomoku Artificial Intelligence

Developed and implemented a computer program that plays Gomoku. Gomoku, also known as "five in a row", is a board game similar to tic-tac-toe but on a larger board. This project exemplifies the minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning.

Automated Robotic Sorting System

The goal of this project was to build an automated robotic sorting system, where the robot can localize certain objects within its workspace, pick them up, classify them based on weight and appearance, and release them within a predefined area

Nobi: Wildfire Prevention Smart Sensor

Wildfires in the United States have always been devastating. Due to the increase of wildfires in California, our team designed and created the Nobi: a sensor to help detect and prevent wildfires. On December 13th, 2017, our team competed against six other groups and ranked in first in the Robert H. Grant Invention Awards.

IQP: Relative Pitch Video Game

Research suggests that by leveraging technology and videogames, it may be possible to provide an innovative alternative to traditional music learning so that people can learn basic music concepts in an immersive, engaging and cost-effective way. Our team developed a game-prototype to teach relative pitch to an audience of both musicians and nonmusicians.