Notable Projects

MQP: Firefighting Robot

Firefighters can become disoriented or lost when engaging in interior attacks on structural fires in compartmentalized buildings. This project uses robotics to provide a real-time heat map of a buildings complex, unpredictable layout to prevent the risk of injury or death.

Nobi: Wildfire Prevention Smart Sensor

Wildfires in the United States have always been devastating. Due to the increase of wildfires in California, our team designed and created the Nobi: a sensor to help detect and prevent wildfires. On December 13th, 2017, our team competed against six other groups and ranked in first in the Robert H. Grant Invention Awards.

IQP: Relative Pitch Video Game

Research suggests that by leveraging technology and videogames, it may be possible to provide an innovative alternative to traditional music learning so that people can learn basic music concepts in an immersive, engaging and cost-effective way. Our team developed a game-prototype to teach relative pitch to an audience of both musicians and nonmusicians.